build your own website

...and code?

Ever wondered how would it feel to be a coder?
Work from home or anywhere in the world?
Or just pick up a new cool hobby?

You may think:

“Coding is not for me”

We believe modern coding is Easy.

We’ll teach you coding step by step, answer questions, monitor progress, and provide a mentor.

“It’s probably expensive”

It’s actually Free.

“There must be a catch”

Well, there kind of is and isn’t. It depends on how you look at things.

First, this offer is limited to 100 people.

Second, we will give you materials and guidance, yet the learning must be done by yourself - we can’t do it for you.

Once you gain enough experience in coding, you may either work with us on paid projects or look for another job.

No matter what decision you'll make we will support you, because "the good that you are giving always comes back".

Even if you decide to leave we will help you with skill summary, resume and tips on passing the job interview. 

“What you’ll have from this?”

We want to form a group of software developers, that we have 100% confidence in their skills.

During the learning process on more advanced levels you’ll be given work in group projects on Open Source software, which will then be free-to-use for the whole world.

We aim to do some common good by this kind of actions.

Check out our project that will help with selection of drug doses for children with sudden cardiac arrest.

“Great! How do i start?”

Just email us at [email protected]. You’ll receive an invitation and courses to begin with, together with an easy challenge, that upon completion will allow you to go to next level.

The main milestones:



Basics, general knowledge that everyone begins with



The basics of language Javascript (… psst! It’s not Java!)


React.js or Vue.js

Depending on your choice, one of the most popular JS frameworks


Group work

Working on Open Source projects, that - we hope - will bring something good to the world

Remember, we are not bounding you by any agreement.

 It’s up to you to decide on speed and intensity of your training,
as well as the option to quit anytime.

We look forward for your application :)

Have a great day!


Email: [email protected] 
Phone: +48 505 903 805

Main photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels