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we make software.

What we do


Reactjs, Node, Vuejs,
Vanilla JS, jQuery, PHP


Hardware & software general help
IT Consultancy, assesments


Teachings. Talks. Tutorials.
Helping teams, communicate better.

Quality conversation

You tell us what level of communication would you like to receive, be it general status info, or every little feature speciffication. 

Quality code

We believe that software does not have to be overly complicated to work good. We take time to look at, review, and refactor the code, so its always in its best shape.

Quality support

You won't be left alone with software once it's up and running. We will provide you with quality support, and transparent pricing. Also docs and how-to's for fuller experiance.

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Ongoing projects:

Drug doses

learn more

The aim of this project is to help paramedics in selecting doses of medicine for children in life and health emergencies.

Website in a day

Tired of loosing precious time trying to set up a simple website?

Domain + Server

Set up domain, server and ssl.
Add content and the same day the website will be up.

Stable Frame

With tested solutions we make sure that you site is responsive, mobile friendly and bug-free


CSS/JS customization

Need to change just one color? Or animate just that one button?
Sure. No problem.

Simple pricing

Simple and transparent pricing lets you evaluate costs easily. Same rate monthly. Remember to ask for discounts!

Our credo

Transparency is a key to success

See the progress

Be it in communication between you and us, understanding code, internal communication, or pricing. We should always talk about those stuff, never stay silent.

Documentation on the go

Code needs docs

You don't have to worry about your code being undocumented anymore. We will give you access to working copy of project and code base docs, so you'll always see progress and quality of our work

Easily deployable


We will make sure that your domain works with your server, ssl, and mail, that your server works with your app, that maintaining it, moving it, scaling it is a breeze. You don't have to worry about those things anymore

If you have a problem.
We will find the solution.


Email: [email protected] 
Phone: +48 505 903 805